Lodge Farm Cross-Country Course offers more than 90 fences from 60cm to 1.10m including ditches, corners, arrowheads, skinnies, steps, lots of combinations plus an extensive water complex.

Set in 40 acres of well-maintained grassland it is ideal for schooling young horses, for a quick pre-event practice over a course of fences or for a training session with your instructor.

All fences have prepared take-offs and landings and the excellent viewing makes our course popular with instructors and parents.

Top riders who visit us on a regular basis include Francis Whittington, Will Furlong, Felicity Collins, Tom Crisp and Anna Hilton.

We are open Wednesdays and Saturdays from the beginning of March until the end of October. Easy parking and good access from the M25 and A21.

**Bookings taken online**

    Feedback from our Facebook Page:
  • “Perfect ground when so many are hard. Great selection of fences, ideal for schooling, I'd highly recommend”

  • “Excellent course! The ground is very well looked after, perfect conditions for a schooling session or to compete at.”

Action pictures courtesy of Louisa Day https://louisadayphotography.co.uk.
Louisa is available to photograph private and group sessions at Lodge Farm.


Recent News:


We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Just a couple of notices about the running of the day:

Due to a slight glitch with the online entry system there are more than 10 people booked on the 12-1pm and 1-2pm 80cm slots. This will not be an issue at all for jumping purposes, but to avoid anyone hanging around to use the dressage arena you are very welcome to use it before you walk the XC, or any time earlier in the day before your slot when it is quiet. The same applies to everyone.

When you are walking the cross-country and deciding on your route, please be aware of riders on the course. This is not a competition so there will not be fence judges at every fence blowing whistles and telling you to mind your backs, so stay alert and move out of the way if you see a horse coming!

The aim of the day is to encourage and build confidence, but we do ask, please, that you ride the cross-country as a course and do not ‘school’ your way round over non-related fences. This is for the safety of those on foot as well allowing the day to run smoothly.

And finally…have fun! We aim to provide as relaxed and friendly experience as possible, so if you have any questions at all – however silly they may seem – please do come and ask!

Show jumping is up for Monday’s Eventers Practice Day! Starting at 60/70cm, fillers pulled out so perfect for young/inexperienced horses. We still have spaces for this height in the morning. Book at www.lodgefarmcrosscountry.com