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7 hours ago

Lodge Farm cross-country course

New jumps!

A reminder that we’re open lots of extra days in the next couple of weeks. Details and booking on the website.

The course is looking fantastic at the moment, we’ve put out more new jumps this week and the ground is spot on, so come and see for yourselves! We will be open on Bank Holiday Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 31st and Friday 1st (as well as Saturdays as usual). Bookings now open online or via email. Visit

In light of tonight and tomorrow’s forecast we have closed online bookings for Wednesday (2 May), however if we don’t have as much rain as predicted we may still be able to open so if you’d like to book please email and we will post an update on Tuesday. And there we were thinking summer was coming!!!

3 weeks ago

Lodge Farm cross-country course

Emily Baldwin Eventing
Fun times, despite the rain, at Lodge Farm cross-country course great new additions around the water jump 😀 London Capital & Finance PLC

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